Jagersfontein History

Jagersfontein History

Home to the oldest and largest diamond mine hole in the world..

JAGERSFONTEIN is home to the oldest and largest diamond mine hole in the world. Mining began in 1870 and the pit was hand-dug for 39 years until 1909. Due to the Great Depression, the mine closed in the early 1930s and reopened in the late 1940s. Thereafter it remained in service until 1973, when the operation – then owned by De Beers – was finally shut down.

For many years, mine workers migrated between the diamond mines in Jagersfontein and the nearby town of Koffiefontein. These towns are now home to many retired mine workers and their families.

The Jagersfontein Diamond Mine and tailings were originally owned by the diamond producer De Beers. The tailings were then sold to Jagersfontein Developments (Pty) Ltd, which is recovering diamonds from the tailings.

The ICT was formally established in 2011, with both local and external trustees. The inaugural meeting of the board of trustees took place on 12 April 2012. In-house training and workshops have been held for all trustees to ensure that they fully understand their fiduciary and legal obligations. The board of trustees meets once every quarter, to ensure good governance.